Flight Operations Management Software


FlightOffice.com is a web-based, real-time, fully integrated solution to automate your flight operations. Whether it's management, pilots and engineers, flight operations, maintenance, accounting or customers and auditors—everyone can access the information they need, when they need it—no matter where they are. And because it's built for the way you run your company, it's easy to use, powerful, flexible and does what you need.


Data is collected in the field or from the flight and is automatically synchronized into FlightOffice.com. If there is no Internet connection, the data will synchronize when you get a connection. The data is centrally stored and available to different people throughout your operations.

Easily deal with flight tickets and revenue, crew records, experience and duty, scheduling and planning, jobs, contracts and customers, document management, communications and charts, graphs and reports.


By having all operational information in one place, up-to-date, and accessible by all people across different departments, you can really streamline operations, eliminate paperwork and save money.

With FlightOffice.com, you've always got an up-to-date and accurate overview of your entire operations. Imagine not wasting your valuable time managing paperwork, but focusing instead on your customers and growing your business.

FlightOffice.com makes your life easy and saves you money.

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    Live Information In One Place

    No more duplicate information stored in various programs, in different places, on different computers. Information is centrally stored, always current and shared throughout your operations, which means up-to-the-minute business intelligence.

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    Secure Access From Anywhere

    At the base, in the hotel or at a remote location, our service is provided via a secure Internet connection so you have secure access to all aspects of your operational data. Anytime. Anywhere.

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    Improve Operational Safety

    A more streamlined and efficient operation means reduced incidents and increased safety. Real-time auditing and reporting provides you with greater overview of your entire operations.

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    Eliminate Costly Errors

    Every time an employee enters information there is the potential for error. When an employee enters duplicate information, multiple times into multiple systems, the chance for error increases exponentially. Eliminate costly errors by providing a single, simple, error-proof way to process operational data.

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    Save Significant Money

    A large number of employees are dedicated to data entry and paper processing. Managers waste valuable time dealing with paperwork. Eliminate all of these tasks and significantly reduce your labour costs.

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    Focus On Your Customers

    Instead of managing paperwork and dealing with administration, focus on your customers and growing your business. Add extra value by providing a secure environment for your customers to view various KPIs and reports, and much more.

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Working with a software company is generally not a good experience. However, with your deep roots in aviation, you guys just get it! You’ve been great to work with and have built a product that meets our specific needs perfectly.

Marc Shoenrank

Director of Quality & Safety


I was really impressed with your attention to details. And although we had a lot of customization requests, your staff was able to easily handle them and provide us with exactly what we needed. Thanks.

Ian Scott

Head of Training



Regulations and client requirements are becoming more and more restrictive. We cannot work anymore with our own Excel development. FlightOffice will answer all of our requirements. We really need this software.

Guilllaume Gaultier

Operations Engineer